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VolResource aims to make it quick and easy to find useful information on anything to do with running a voluntary organisation (whether a community group, charity or other non-profit body).

We're always on the look-out for relevant web links to add, redundant old ones to remove, additional practical resources, changes in advice sources, new sector projects, etc. We would appreciate your help in reviewing the content. You can use the on-page comments to make a contribution, or add an Update piece for longer material. See About page for more.

Our regular email newsletter carries the latest resources and practical news of interest to those involved in third sector organisations.

To find what you want

... in the wide range of material specifically compiled for voluntary organisations, there are two main options -  the navigation menu above and an annotated Articles index (Table of Contents). There is also a a Simple Site Map, with a couple of other options. Note: as sample documents aren't on the nav bar, find them via the index or other routes.

Alternatively, the site search box is top right *. And almost all articles will have suggestions for connected (tagged) content at the end (just after the sharing buttons) ++. Further help is on the About page.

For a bit of an introduction to the purpose and approach of this site, see Background to the sector and effective organisations. If lost for where to start, how about key sector information sites page?

* On smaller screens, the right-hand sidebar shifts to the bottom of the page. ++ Tags took on the role of the 'Follow the Trail' suggestions on the old version of VolResource.

Latest Updates

Recently added to VolResource

We've been working on VolResource's newsletter and news site VoluntaryNews for the last little while, so only a low level of additions here over the last few weeks. Plenty of web link updates though.

Research Resources

Centre for Effective Services Irish organisation which focuses on "implementation science". Useful links page (at Jan. 2015) of organisations around the world promoting evidence-informed approach to policy and practice.

Fundraising Resources page further updates include:

Funding Eye consultancy offers a number of free resources "that are designed to help you navigate the world of fundraising".

Aid and Development Resources

Development Impact and You - DIY Toolkit has practical tools to trigger & support social innovation. "A toolkit on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results. It’s quick to use, simple to apply, and designed to help busy people working in development."

Community Groups Resources

Collective Action Toolkit is "a set of activities and methods to enable groups of people anywhere to organize, collaborate, and create solutions for problems impacting their community".

Communities Channel Scotland (new summer 2014) "aims to provide support to local groups and organisations so that they can contribute to a socially and economically sustainable Scotland". From Scottish Community Development Centre.

Neighbourhood Cinema from British Film Institute supports new and established community cinemas all over the UK.

Areas of Concern - Rural/Land Reform

Scottish Land Action Movement, new 2014 - a collective of activists striving for  comprehensive and radical land reform in Scotland by 2016.

October and November additions

Some of the many revisions and additions to the website in the last couple of months, not including updates to links (where there was a distinct move to more "https" - secure - links).


The Fundraising Resources page has been restructured, with web platforms/crowdfunding/giving portals now integrated into the Online Income Services page.

Several pages have had general link reviews. As ever, further additions and amendments are welcome.

Added to Events Services page, online services section - has added ticketing and other event services to its fundraising platform. UK Fundraising news item gives an idea of what's available.

A new Social Media section to the 'Getting your message across' page . Only a starter, so any suggestions for practical advice and ideas for inclusion - downloadable guides rather than short articles?


New in September

On Consultancy Services page, part of a new Pro Bono consultancy section: Pro Bono Economics "matches volunteer economists with charities wishing to address questions around measurement, results and impact",

Under Health and Safety: 'Charity and Voluntary Organisations - a health and safety guide' from Health and Safety Works NI.

Just added to Policies and Procedures checklist, NCVYS has a 'Policies for voluntary youth organisations factsheet' available from its information sheets page, .

On Functional Support, Institutes and Associations Network of the Professional Publishers Association has been set up for those who publish a magazine on behalf of an institute, association or membership body,

Plus plenty of general link updates - hopefully not many 'internal links' going to the old site now. More Charity Commission links to update, though, after the recent move to GOV.UK.

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