How to contribute

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VolResource encourages quick contributions to any existing article through the site’s comments feature, but do you want to add something more substantial? This form should provide a fairly simple option. For other ways to add/update material, including revamping existing articles, see the About page.

Contributions usually have to be approved for publication, to stop spam, but this should happen quickly and with minimal editorial interference (as long as the content is relevant *). Items will then appear in the ‘Updates’ stream – and our Twitter/Facebook feeds. They may also be added into the main VolResource articles, with your permission.

Please give your email address (in the ‘admin use’ box) so we can contact you on any queries or possible re-use. We won’t use the address for other purposes. Be careful with including email addresses in the contents box itself, as spammers like harvesting on the web. The Obfuscate (green tick) button will help – type and select the email address first – but isn’t completely fireproof.

It is good to keep the title short (long ones may be edited). You should be able to ‘copy and paste‘ from existing documents direct into the contents box just below the toolbars. Please, only your own material, or where you have permission! The eraser button on the second row can remove most stray formatting. Use the Toolbar Toggle on the right of the first row to reveal, or hide, the second.


If the form doesn’t display below, please go to the https version of this page.

* Please send news and event listings to the connected VoluntaryNews website, rather than here.