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The number of groups that seek to support particular functions or issues within voluntary organisations has been growing slowly. Co-operation has also generally improved. While many of those listed here operate on a membership or subscription basis, some useful info may be available to non-members.

Also see: function-based support, issue-based supportlocal and regional. And Community Groups Resources for multi-function/ social action centre networks etc.

General National Bodies

For smaller organisations

Gender, ethnicity etc.

Managerial support

Misc support

  • Professional Associations Research Network Membership body for professional associations, increasingly international in scope.
  • Charity Staff Foundation “Help, advice and practical support for people in the voluntary sector”. Seems to have disappeared December 2016 – last sighting March 2016, Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Support Bodies”

  1. Thanks Diane. PACE has been listed on the Functional Support page for quite some time. It will stay there for the moment, but has been updated.

  2. Please could you include the following under managerial support: “PACE network – free network for charity chief executive assistants offering support for this specialised role, with exchange of information, sharing of good practice, newsletters and networking sessions. For more information contact PACE co-ordinator Diane Bramson –, telephone 07932 604731.”

    Also, your listing for the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) is incorrect, as they have moved.

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