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Also see: generic national and management bodies, function-based support.


Areas of Concern pages have more links, particularly of less formal networks. Selected areas:

Also see: Trade Unions on Employing Staff page.

Health, Care, Social Care

Also see relevant Areas of Concern page.

  • The Consortium of Therapeutic Communities.
  • Hospice UK (was Help the Hospices).
  • Hospice Lotteries Association.
  • National Care Forum has a mission to support our members to improve social care provision and enhance the quality of life, choice, control and wellbeing of people who use care services
  • Voluntary Health Scotland network of voluntary organisations.
  • Voluntary Sector Health and Care Strategic Partners Portal (launched 2013)  to help anyone in the voluntary sector involved in health to share information, knowledge and ideas.
  • British Association for Service to the Elderly was de-registered by the Charity Commission in 2012. (Had provided training in the care of older people and other vulnerable adults.)



Public Information, Law and Advice


Also see: Areas of interest – Leisure, culture, education.

Youth, Children

  • Children England provides support to voluntary and community sector organisations working with children, young people and families.
  • Children in Northern Ireland Regional umbrella organisation for the children’s sector.
  • Children in Scotland Agency for voluntary, statutory and professional organisations and individuals working with children and their families in Scotland.
  • Federation for Detached Youth Work. Website disappeared, Feb. 2015, try the link to their pages on Ning.
  • National Council for Voluntary Youth Service closed April 2016. Some services moved to Ambition (was Clubs for Young People), such as representation for voluntary youth sector in England.
  • UK Youth network of youth associations.
  • YouthLink Scotland and its member organisations support 40,000 youth workers across Scotland.

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  1. Children issues: Launched 16 June 2014, the Institute for Early Years aims to improve practitioners’ understanding of child development and family support, and will connect experts through a global learning platform.

  2. A new website to help anyone in the voluntary sector involved in health to share information, knowledge and ideas has been launched as part of the Health and Care Strategic Partner Programme. – – However, site is no longer available at December 2016.

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