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Also see: generic national and management bodies, function-based support.


Areas of Concern pages have more links, particularly of less formal networks. Selected areas:

Also see: Trade Unions on Employing Staff page.

Health, Care, Social Care

Also see relevant Areas of Concern page.

  • The Consortium of Therapeutic Communities.
  • Hospice UK (was Help the Hospices).
  • Hospice Lotteries Association.
  • National Care Forum has a mission to support our members to improve social care provision and enhance the quality of life, choice, control and wellbeing of people who use care services
  • Voluntary Health Scotland network of voluntary organisations.
  • Voluntary Sector Health and Care Strategic Partners Portal (launched 2013)  to help anyone in the voluntary sector involved in health to share information, knowledge and ideas.
  • British Association for Service to the Elderly was de-registered by the Charity Commission in 2012. (Had provided training in the care of older people and other vulnerable adults.)



Public Information, Law and Advice


Also see: Areas of interest – Leisure, culture, education.

Youth, Children

  • Children England provides support to voluntary and community sector organisations working with children, young people and families.
  • Children in Northern Ireland Regional umbrella organisation for the children’s sector.
  • Children in Scotland Agency for voluntary, statutory and professional organisations and individuals working with children and their families in Scotland.
  • Federation for Detached Youth Work. Website disappeared, Feb. 2015, try the link to their pages on Ning.
  • National Council for Voluntary Youth Service closed April 2016. Some services moved to Ambition (was Clubs for Young People), such as representation for voluntary youth sector in England.
  • UK Youth network of youth associations.
  • YouthLink Scotland and its member organisations support 40,000 youth workers across Scotland.

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  1. Children issues: Launched 16 June 2014, the Institute for Early Years aims to improve practitioners’ understanding of child development and family support, and will connect experts through a global learning platform.

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