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About the site

VolResource aims to provide practical resources for people involved in charities, voluntary or community organisations, making use of information technologies to inform you about anything to do with making an organisation tick. Our starting point is ‘what is useful to those relatively new to the sector or a particular aspect of its work?’.

Please note that while updates and suggestions are welcome, and links are still regularly checked, the website is no longer under active development. The associated VoluntaryNews is in archive – see next section.

This site brings together

  • Basic information and tips on key issues in Briefings pages, along with listing relevant website resources containing more material.
  • Contacts for specialist service providers and other suppliers – you can use VolResource as a directory. Also some guidance on what issues to think about when selecting suppliers or systems.
  • A small selection of sample documents and checklists.

Hence there are four ‘article types’ on VolResource: Briefings, Resources, Contacts, Checklists/forms. These links take you to an “archive” of all articles included under those types – not the most user friendly way of browsing but they could serve as a reference. See Finding Your Way Around, below, for other navigation options.

All web links are checked regularly, using a combination of technology and human judgement, to make sure they are still current. Site visitors are encouraged to help update and improve the material – see ‘Add your comments‘ below. The rule of only covering fundraising at a basic level has gone, and VolResource is happy to accept further material for possible inclusion under Fundraising Resources.

Please read our Disclaimer below.


This version of VolResource started December 2013. The material was originally copied across from the old site, which has now been retired (April 2019) as web links were dangerously out-of-date. Some sections have been dropped in the transfer to here, along with out-of-date forms and surveys, plus some pages have been merged.

Old news pages are archived with VoluntaryNews – practical news produced, along with an email newsletter, up to December 2016. We would be very happy to give researchers etc. access – please use the contact form to request this.

Finding your way around

For site search, please use the search box (top right, or below on smaller screens). Of course, there is a ‘nav menu’ at the top of the screen too – minimised to a button on small screens but then also appearing in full in the footer.

VolResource anticipates people coming at an issue from many different angles and starting points. This means it is difficult to anticipate how site visitors will be looking for a particular topic. The old site has rather complex multiple cross-references and alternative routes. Instead, the ‘new’ version offers these features:

CharityBlog is our social media site, with links to interesting and sample sector blogs.

Add your comments, improve the content

VolResource first appeared back in spring 1999. While it has been continuously revised over the years, much content now needs a thorough review, new relevant web links added and redundant ones taken out. Our regular trawls should however have removed most dead links.

We encourage your help to improve the information, and particularly welcome input from those directly involved in voluntary organisations of all types. Consultant and supplier contributions are also welcome, but please show the source clearly.

  • Comments have been switched off for now, due to excessive spam (filtered out, but still a pain). Please do use the contact form instead to add information on providers of relevant services/goods, new resources, or to highlight out-of-date web links.
  • A fairly simple form enables you to add longer material as Updates, subject only to basic VolResource checks before publication. The latest appear on the front page, and perhaps on the VolResource Twitter feed and on the Facebook page too. Plus they will show under tags and topics.
  • Why not use your particular area of expertise to improve an existing page or two? Ask to be made a page editor via the standard contact form – please tell us which pages interest you.

Our related site VoluntaryNews has now closed for news submissions from charities, sector suppliers etc.

Note that including email addresses in anything published on the web is likely to lead to ‘harvesting’ by spammers.

VolResource retains editorial discretion to use, remove or edit all material, but the idea is to keep this light. Please let us know if you come across any inappropriate or otherwise problematic material.


VolResource aims to be a reliable and relevant source of information for the voluntary and community sector. We are independent and take a direct and practical approach to most matters. However, we must make the following disclaimer.

The information published by VolResource is tailored for the medium. It can’t hope to be totally comprehensive, and material may become out-of-date. We use our best endeavours within the resources available to ensure that content is accurate and current, but can give no warranties. Opinions expressed on this site are based on information at the time of writing, and circumstances may have changed since. The site is aimed at those involved in the sector within the UK, although we will not always be able to highlight differences in law or practice in Scotland, N Ireland or other areas (we do try!).

Further, every organisation has its own quirks and special needs, and it is the user’s responsibility to apply information appropriately. Ultimately an organisation has to take its own decisions.

Reading about something here may not be enough – this is no substitute for professional advice when it is needed. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid consulting professionals, but the trick is only doing this when necessary and with enough background knowledge so as to reduce the chargeable time. We hope that VolResource will help you get better value and avoid unnecessary cost.

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this – now get on with it!

Privacy, spam

VolResource only uses cookies (small text files placed on your device) for limited purposes.

Information requested in response forms or sent via emails is only used to provide the related service or in analysis of aggregate usage. The software running for this site (WordPress), along with Google Analytics add-ons, collect visitor information for usage and trends analysis, allowing us to correct errors, improve features etc. The adverts system operated by Google also uses cookies to help serve appropriate advertising. Cookies are an integral part of the log-in process for registered site users, too.

We do not send spam or commercial emails, or sell on email addresses. Spammers can “spoof” where email comes from, but we only send out from a limited number of accounts. If you receive anything which appears to be from us, but starts with info, webinfo, listing, news or consult (and some old ones we can’t remember) you can guarantee it is spam, or worse.


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