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A draft mission statement for VolResource, written in 1999.

Why (Mission)

VolResource wishes to make resource information accessible to aspiring and existing voluntary organisations in the UK, using information technology, to assist them in developing and improving their organisation’s effectiveness. We are particularly interested in innovative action that involves communities in progressive developments.

What (Aims)

We aim to

  • Be the first or second line information provider for our field, for a significant proportion of organisations and individuals able to access the internet (or other appropriate technologies).
  • Provide useful, practical, accurate, timely, relevant and accessible information, avoiding mere reproduction of data lists.
  • Promote use of the technology, and good practice, within the sector.

How (Objectives)


  • Collecting, interpreting and publishing information:
    • on resource providers, sector contacts, opportunities
    • practical briefings and useful models for running a voluntary organisation
    • other relevant material
    • actively seeking items of interest, not restricted to sector sources
    • reviewing all pages quarterly, updating dated information fortnightly (minimums)
    • involving those with specific areas of interest or expertise, but avoiding reliance on the self-appointed and preferring alternatives to the established mainstream
    • editing minimally to fit style and interests of target audience.
  • Exploring and exploiting new facilities and technology appropriately.
  • Working in partnership where this is the best approach for the sector.
  • Using the web/Internet to promote the site.
  • Taking into account the needs of all types of internet users within our target audience.

The above could also be roughly grouped in reverse order as Inputs =>Outputs => Outcomes
(although it might be better to see Activities as Inputs, leading to achieving Objectives/Outputs, Aims/Outcomes, Mission/Impact)

Note: The term ‘voluntary organisations’ as used here includes all non-profit organisations of a voluntary or community nature, normally excluding statutory and academic bodies.

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