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IT training is on the Technology Services page.

Digital Resources

There are/were various sector sites with some coverage of useful software/technology. Key ones include:

ICT Developments

This section, and connected IT pages, have largely been retired with the VolResource reboot, Dec 2013. We’ve left some links about Open Source, but these need an update too.

Open Source, use in the sector

Sourced from a discussion on UKRiders list, June ’06:

Creative Commons is wider than open source software, working to create new forms of open copyright.

Software Development Advice

Warning: free advice in this area can be very costly! Developing software from scratch, or even assessing and implementing existing packages, based on a volunteer’s personal approach, often with little or no documentation, can lead to short-term gains but medium to long term disasters.

Miscellaneous Specialist Software

For software written for specific types of organisations, check out the appropriate umbrella organisations listed on Professional bodies or Areas of Concern.

Charity tax reclaim software. Often part of membership software, but also see specific programs listed on our Tax Reclaim page.

Churches and hospices. See the IT for Charities website for software lists.

Community profiling/appraisals. See Community Resources page.

Contacts management As it is often connected, this is included under membership software.

For infrastructure or umbrella bodies, see Membership software. There are also a number of other databases written for Councils for Voluntary Service – the Merlin system was one, developed for Basingstoke Voluntary Action, but no longer any info on their website? See our Local contact page for your nearest CVS, which may know more.

Lobbying See Campaign Resources page for what is happening on email and other communication facilities.

Volunteer management software – see Volunteer page.

Data Management

Care, client, case, advice management

  • AIMS (Advice & Information Management System) is produced by LASA.
  • Caseworker Connect from Blue Door Software.
  • Social Care Network Solutions (was CHL Systems).”SCN provides the CHARMS system which is the most widely used by independent adoption, fostering and children’s residential providers. The Adults version is also widely use by adult care providers both statutory and independent across the UK. CHARMS manages all aspects of case management, securely and online.”
  • The open source CiviCRM has a case management option, as well as events, members, campaigns etc.
  • Gallery Partnership’s Apricot online data management system for charities – clients, services, performance.
  • careLINK from IT sorted: A database for organisations providing help and support for patients, and help and assistance to the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged.
  • Real Systems, a social enterprise connected with St Mungo’s Broadway, designs and manages client monitoring databases for voluntary and public sector organisations.

Contract and Grant Management

  • Benefactor from Gallery Partnership is designed for grant-making organisations.
  • Keen Systems has developed a system to manage institutional funding contracts.

Specialist Software Developers

  • Real Time Information Systems ‘is an Information Technology partnership specialising in designing and developing database applications, delivering in-house training and performing data analysis for the voluntary sector as well as manufacturing’. Email:
  • The Information Works Associated with Co-op Systems, specialising in web databases and strategy. Unit 4.09 Bondway Business Centre, 71 Bondway, London, SW8 1SQ, phone 020 7793 0677, email:
  • Keen Systems Bespoke solutions for the sector, including the “interactive template for Full Cost Recovery”.
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