Person Specification: Sample Document

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Please note that our sample documents are intended as examples which can act as starting points and prompters. They should not be taken as definitive, complete or even sufficient for your purposes – you should at the very least consider how your circumstances (requirements, organisational structure etc.) differ. But they are better than a blank sheet!

This document has been slightly adapted from one which came our way from a well-known campaigning organisation – we hope that they don’t mind.


For more on Personnel type issues for the voluntary sector, try the Managing People page.

An Organisation

Person Specification

Job Title: Campaigner

Department: Campaigns

E = ESSENTIAL, D = DESIRABLE for applicants to meet relevant standard


Work experience At least 2 years’ experience of working or volunteering within a campaigning organisation. E Application form
Experience of working with volunteers E Application form/Interview
Experience of carrying out research E Application form/Interview
Experience of lobbying and/or working with MPs/civil servants/local authorities. D Application form/Interview
Experience of organising and prioritising a demanding workload E Interview/Test
Experience of setting up events and meetings E Application form/Interview
Knowledge Knowledge of political processes E Application form/Interview
Knowledge of environmental/ conservation issues D Application form/Interview
Skills Ability to produce accurate work to tight deadlines under pressure E Application form/Test
Ability to communicate clearly in writing and orally to committees and small meetings E Application form/ Interview/Test
Word processing skills/ability to be self-sufficient in terms of administration E Application form/Test/ Interview
Ability to draft campaign literature E Application form/Test
Attitude Commitment to An Organisation’s aims E Application form/Interview
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