European and Irish sector links

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European networks

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Funding related

  • European Social Fund, part of European Structural and Investment Funds – 2014/20 latest programme, focus on helping people to become more employable and enter the labour market. Try this link or government info for England.
  • EUCLID for the UK cultural sector. (This is not the same as Euclid Network, for voluntary sector leaders, above.)
  • Ltd (EGL) ‘provides a wide range of European Union grant information products to organisations throughout the world’.


Regional sources of information and advice on European funding.

Further Resources

Dod’s guide to the EU institutions – check Dod’s bookshop.

Politico Europe. EU related news. is an independent media portal dedicated to European Union affairs.

Irish Republic

Additional links sourced October 2015 from Whitebarn Consulting.

  • – news and links for non-profit and voluntary organisations and groups in the city.

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