Areas of Concern

Useful links for issue areas: intro, activism, democracy, media, civil society, conflict.

Every voluntary organisation is concerned with some issue or another, whether they are providing services to members, campaigning or working with the disadvantaged. We can’t possibly list every useful contact and idea for the wide spectrum covered by the sector. So we try to give an idea of good places to start, concentrating on web sites with a range of useful info. Their contact details should only be a click away.

We have used the following groupings:

Topic Reviews for more in-depth coverage of

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Direct Action/Web Activism

  • “Using the latest technology, empowers ordinary people from every corner of the globe to directly contact key global decision-makers, corporations and the media.”
  • Urban75 ‘one of the UK’s busiest independent websites featuring direct action, rave, drug info, unpublished stories, photos, rants and more’. Look up An Activists’ Guide to Exploiting the Media, by George Monbiot if it is still there.
  • Reclaim the Streets – website not responding at late 2013.
  • Free Range Activism Free Range Practice Guide 4 is ‘A guide to the procedures and legal pitfalls of demonstrating or taking action in support of campaigns’.
  • Getup! Oz example, of a “community advocacy organisation giving everyday Australians opportunities to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues”.

World Trade/Capitalism Protests

See Campaign Resources for some other sites on web-based activism.

Government, democracy, media

See Lobbying page too (esp. Freedom of Information, Lobbying and PR issues). Alternative/progressive media are listed on Getting your message across.

(International) Civil Society

  • CIVICUS is an international alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to strengthening civil society.
  • CONGO Conference of NGOs in consultative status with the UN.
  • Union of International Associations A clearing house for information on over 40,000 international organisations, and produces a Yearbook reference on these.
  • WANGO (World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations) ‘uniting NGOs worldwide in the cause of advancing peace and well-being’.

Conflict and Peace

Issue based support

Support and development bodies for specific activity areas, such as health, advice, immigration.

Also see: generic national and management bodies, function-based support.


Areas of Concern pages have more links, particularly of less formal networks. Selected areas:

Also see: Trade Unions on Employing Staff page.

Health, Care, Social Care

Also see relevant Areas of Concern page.



Public Information, Law and Advice


Also see: Areas of interest – Leisure, culture, education.

  • Fields in Trust (was National Playing Fields Association) works to protect and improve recreation areas like kids playgrounds and leisure areas for older people, not just community playing fields.
  • National Community Boats Association.
  • Working on Wheels (aka National Playbus Association) – for mobile community projects – closed 2017.

Youth, Children

  • Children England provides support to voluntary and community sector organisations working with children, young people and families.
  • Children in Northern Ireland Regional umbrella organisation for the children’s sector.
  • Children in Scotland Agency for voluntary, statutory and professional organisations and individuals working with children and their families in Scotland.
  • Federation for Detached Youth Work.
  • National Council for Voluntary Youth Service closed April 2016. Some services moved to Ambition (was Clubs for Young People), such as representation for voluntary youth sector in England.
  • UK Youth network of youth associations.
  • YouthLink Scotland and its member organisations support 40,000 youth workers across Scotland.