Membership System Suppliers

Customer, and Client/Service User, Relationship Management systems, including web based.

Can be called CRM (customer/client relationship management) – CRM systems in general may now have sufficient capabilities, so we may include ones which are in active sector use. Also see Membership software intro page.

Noted Suppliers

This selection is not definitive, but generally we have seen their products in action or heard good reports. They should still be checked out properly by you.

  • Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge for Windows Concentrates on fundraising. Now also own AppealMaster (produced by ngc4it) which is widely used in small to medium size organisations for fundraising, alumni management, membership and general contact management; can be accessed over the internet or standard telephone lines, works alongside Microsoft Office (it is based on Access). The European company is wholly owned by Blackbaud Inc, of the US. Single user version £5,000 (Dec 00). Phone 0141 575 0100, email:
  • civiCRM is a web-based, open source, Constituent Relationship Management system which builds on open source software, namely Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. There are various UK suppliers.
  • Computercraft FirstPoint More of a contact manager, but Computercraft have been developing databases for the voluntary sector for 20 years, and RNID use it for their call centre. Off-the-shelf extensions cover Grant Management, Course Bookings and Subscriptions Management, amongst other tasks. Intelligent Solutions were favouring this over Accounting Answers (qv) when last we talked, bringing their expertise on working with smaller Sage clients. Phone 020 7284 6980, email:
  • contactLINK from ITsorted, a “low cost database designed and priced specifically for voluntary organisations”, launched 2006. The people behind it have extensive experience in the charity sector. Advanced version can handle events and membership. (Based on MS Access.)
  • iFinity (was Fisher Technology) Supply the iMIS* range of products (and integrate it with Sage, Access acs, Sun etc), over 2750 systems installed, Windows and Mac, starting at £1225 per product. Plus VCGenius content managed web site integrates with a wide variety of membership systems including iMIS. Phone 08712 880251
    *iMIS is an international product from Advanced Solutions International – European office phone 08705 887 700.
  • Progress CRM Windows based, can be quite cheap to start with. ProgressAnywhere is their ‘over the internet’ service. Part of Advanced Solutions International (ASI) – originally from Fisk-Brett.
  • Westwood Forster Visual Alms. Definitely the high end of the market, over 200 systems installed. Having started as purely for fundraisers, now handles grant-giving, membership, alumni management. Phone 020 7251 4890, email:
  • KISS Contacts Based on MS Access, up to version 1.5 when we reviewed (Dec 00). Simple to use and cheap. Restrictions to selection and reporting are the flipside of this, but will be more than adequate for many small to medium organisations. Version 2.9 (at spring 2006) has extended the reporting, added Gift Aid, Direct Debits and Standing Orders as well as facilities to print badges and send emails. £100 plus VAT. Email:


This section was created when web features in membership systems were rare. Internet functionality is now pretty standard in most systems listed on this page.

Specialist Database Systems

Systems for contact, client or service user management (previously on a separate VolResource page).

  • CharityLog, although described as a web-based Contact Management system, revolves around a diary screen allowing the management of client related work e.g. booking a home visit, recording result, ensuring follow up, referral or other action. Will produce a variety of reports, for internal or funder use.
  • LampLight records service users, the work done with them, and produces detailed monitoring statistics, with Version 2 (March ’06) dealing with outcomes as well as outputs. Functions for second tier organisations have been added. Costs £10 per month.

Other sector CRM systems

Advanced Was Iris NFP, which itself took over/merged with a large number of software companies in this area. Check their Not for Profit pages – membership and charity management, fundraising software.

Previously the company or predecessors offerings included: CARE First membership system was installed in 1987, for large users such as RSPCA, RSPB, Save the Children; Charisma Clients included RNLI, Nat Housing Federation, Dogs Trust; Consensus focused around training course, membership administration and event management, with web-based .NET CRM application; Integra software, as well as membership, had events, examination and case management options; Profile Concept – a particular niche in learned societies and professional bodies, but not limited to this, and specialise in membership systems.

3Si is now part of Eudonet, CRM solutions for associations, federations, institutes etc.

APT Solutions Stratum Contact Administration Designed for associations, charities, clubs, institutions, trades unions; runs on Windows NT or UNIX. Facilities include Contact Management, Subscription processing, Covenants, Legacies, Campaign Management, Conferences & Events, Examinations, CPD, Help Desk, Merchandising, Directory Publishing. Managing over 8 million contact records (at spring 07). Phone 01952 214000, email:

Care Management Systems, a division of CMAC Computer Systems, produce DonorFlex, which is mainly a fundraising tool. Phone 0121 458 7887, email:

Data Developments ‘for church and charities’. Membership Co-ordinator.

Dataware Consultancy Centre Subscriber.NET (developed in MS.NET technologies) includes member/contact management, events, fundraising and gift aid, volunteer management, BACS processing. Linked to MS Office. Phone 01375 489820.

Icaris (previously JA Computer Solutions). CRM/fundraising software is part of its offerings for the not-for-profit sector – others include helpline and grant management software.

Miller TechnologyMerlin CRM “a fully integrated Membership and CRM software solution for trade unions, associations, professional bodies and charities built upon SodalitaS CRM”.

Oomi “CRM for anyone anywhere” – integrated Engagement Management System for the NFP sector, combining CRM, Website, Collaboration, Engagement & Social Media. (Previously as Centrepoint Computer Services, provided a Membership Management System as part of the Target range, with events and publications management modules too.) Phone 020 8390 8899.

Pangaea Consuling supplies systems based round Aptify – membership, events, susbcriptions, fundraising etc.

PowerDev Circle, a membership system for the smaller organisation, no longer features on their website, but they do have sector customers for their bespoke database consultancy and development services.

ProTech Computer Systems Pro-7 ‘Designed in conjunction with some of the UKs largest membership associations to handle diverse information management requirements, including membership, contacts, fundraising, marketing, events management.’ Phone 01922 722280, email:

Rubicon Accelerator. Phone 01276 706900, email:

Senior Internet Ltd supplies RiverCRM, a CRM specially developed for membership, NFP and charitable organisations, as well as e-vol for the voluntary sector. They also provide membership websites through their CMS, River, as well as CPD.

SilverBear Membership (was Decisions Express) “dramatically and extensively enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DNN Platform web self-service portal”.

ThankQ Clients include Comic Relief, Concern Worldwide (Ireland). Has a Small Charity Edition? Phone 01509 235544.

TSG Tribe 365 CRM for membership organisations.

VeryConnect includes non-profit management, stakeholder engagement, and giving back. UK based team, starts from £150 a month.

White Fuse Fundraising and membership CRM software.

Workbook In use by a variety of charities etc – case studies on the website (at Oct ’14) include Coeliac UK, Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association, Index on Censorship, Regen SW.


Non-profit and commercial firms with relevant publications.

Non-profit Publishers

Commercial with Sector Focus

  • Chapel and York International Fundraising (especially from US sources). Books are half-price to any charity or nonprofit with an annual income of less than £60,000.
  • CharityFinancials from CaritasData Following publications no longer listed, so not produced any more? Top 3000 Charities, UK Top 10,000 Charities, Top 1000 Charities in Scotland, Who’s Who in Charities.
  • Earthscan, now part of Routledge. Originally set up to publish titles on environment, development and sustainability, it now does co-publishing on a wider area, including books on ‘Urban Development and Community’.
  • Civil Society Media Publish Charity Finance and other charity titles. The autumn 2016 web revamp seems to have dropped a number of finance checklists and the Charity Finance Yearbook but might reappear. 15 Prescott Place, London, SW4 6BS, phone 020 7819 1200.
  • Russell House Publishing A lot of social services, youth and community work related titles, as well as some useful ones on general sector management issues. 4 St George’s House, The Business Park, Uplyme Road, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3LS. Phone 01297 443948, email:
  • White Lion Press Fundraising related.

General Publishers, some relevant titles

  • Croner Publish various manuals, such as Management of Voluntary Organisations; Care Homes; Financial Reporting for Charities, available on 10 day trial, with regular update services. I’ve always found these the easiest of the loose-leaf manuals to use, but not cheap. The online Croner Select regulation compliance information facility changes in Feb 05 – limited access without a subscription. 145 London Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6BR, phone 020 8247 1261 (Customer Services), email:
  • Jordan Publishing is now part of LexisNexis. A number of charity admin/legal titles.
  • Key Haven Publish legal and tax titles.
  • Kogan Page Publish How to manage a voluntary organization.
  • Palgrave All areas of Social Care – Health, Nursing, Social Work, Social Policy and Counselling.
  • Routledge, part of Taylor and Francis. An academic focus, with various social care related titles. There is a Routledge Studies in the Management of Voluntary and Non-Profit series. Relevant titles include The Governance of Public and Non-Profit Organizations (Chris Cornforth, Open University, Oct 02/paperback May 05); Nonprofit Organizations (Nov 04), Fundraising Management, Arts Management, Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations, Financial Management in the Voluntary Sector. You can also check out their journals on the Taylor and Francis website, if you know the title.
  • Many of Tolley’s/Butterworth range of ‘Charity Administration’ titles are now with Bloomsbury Professional. Relevant titles (prices at 2004!) include: Charities Manual (£154), Charity Administration Handbook (£44-95), Charity Investigations (£48-95), Charity Accounting and Taxation (£59-95).

Charities etc. with subject range

Also see Areas of Concern section.

  • National Children’s Bureau Online bookshop. Subject areas include Young children and their families, Child protection and health, Education, Disabled children and special needs, Children living away from home, Children and young people’s participation. Note: at Sep. 2014 NCB’s publishing arm has been sold to Jessica Kingsley Publishers, so this info may change. 8 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7QE, phone 020 7843 6000.


General sector magazines and those for specific activity areas.

Including online publications with frequent news/feature articles.

Most generally useful

  • Charity Finance Monthly, mainly covers finance issues but in a broad way, plenty on investment and law. Part of Civil Society Media (the website has wider sector news), phone 020 7819 1200.
  • Charity Times Published 6 times a year – a fairly general look at the sector. Available as download. From Perspective Publishing.
  • Third Force News is the weekly paper produced by SCVO for Scotland’s voluntary sector, very much available online. News, events, briefings, reviews etc.
  • Third Sector Monthly print edition, with more frequent electronic options. For ‘Charities, Voluntary Organisations, Social Enterprises’, in particular senior staff and trustees. Part of Haymarket Publishing. Editorial: 174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JP, phone 020 8267 4955.
  • Charity Financials/Caritas Data sector news page.


See Knowledge Management page for KM4D.

Other Sector Titles

  • Charities Management Six or seven times a year, not that exciting, from Mitre House Publishing.
  • Governance Bi-monthly from Civil Society Media aimed at charity trustees. Annual sub £145 for five copies of each edition to share amongst the board (at summer 2011).
  • Voluntary Sector Review The journal of Voluntary Sector Studies Network, published three times a year.

Activity Areas

  • Russell House Publishing produces two journals, Social Work in Europe and Youth Justice, the journal of the National Association of Youth Justice.

Care and Health

  • Community Care Social care in the statutory and voluntary sectors.
  • eHospice – palliative care news online.
  • Field Exchange tri-annual magazine containing field articles, research and news pieces for those working in emergency nutrition and food security.
  • A range of titles are produced by Pavilion Publishing, such as Mental Health Review, Community Safety Journal, Working with Older People, Housing, Care and Support. Phone 01273 623222, email:

Housing, Regeneration, Social Economy

  • New Start ‘articulating the alternative’ for places, local economics and more.
  • Placemaking Resource, incorporating Regeneration and Renewal. Loads of news items on the website, from Haymarket Publishing.
  • Inside Housing Social housing news, jobs.
  • Social Housing “Finance-related news, economic and planning data”.
  • Pioneers Post “the social enterprise magazine”.


Fundraising and Marketing

  • Fundraising Published 10 times a year, subscriptions from £89 p.a. ISSN 0961 5679. From Civil Society Media, phone 020 7819 1200.
  • International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. Case studies, reviews, and peer-reviewed articles, with an editorial board of academics as well as professionals, mainly from US and UK. Published by John Willey and Son, subscription £90 to £245 for 4 issues a year.
  • Philanthropy Impact “Inspiring philanthropy and social investment across borders, sectors and causes”.


  • Association Management From American ASAE organisation. Produce various books and research via their Foundation.

Service Providers

Service providers intro, pro bono services, outsourcing, admin and misc services.

Note: The amalgamation of some old VolResource pages has meant some services-related material appearing in other sections. Fundraising services/platforms are on the Fundraising Resources page.

Intro on selecting service providers

There are any number of special deals around for voluntary organisations – for registered charities and favoured local groups in particular. Some of these are excellent, but remember that ‘nothing comes for free’.

The service provider could be

  • just wanting some kudos that they can use to enhance their image.
  • gaining experience at your expense (or could be upfront about learning while applying other skills/experience).
  • hiding the true costs, and getting you to pay later.
  • hoping to get repeat business or a commission on future services.
  • genuinely interested and involved in the sector/your particular concern.

It is helpful to get a feel for where they are coming from, to avoid misunderstandings or unpleasantness later. And appreciate the fact that free advice based on inadequate knowledge or research could turn out very expensive!

Pro Bono Services

There are quite a few organisations, varying from informal networks to offshoots of professional bodies, which provide some way of accessing volunteers (or seconded employees) with expertise in a particular area. This can include students doing projects, which could lead to some variability in quality. Most will be listed on VolResource under the relevant subject head, but here are some others.

Maps for change “exists to inspire and empower students to create a better world through making maps and to help NGOs get the maps that they need”. (Source: Whitebarn Consulting, June 2011)

Legal – see Law Works, and others, under Legal Services.

Technology – see CITA under Computer services.

There is a Pro Bono section on the Consultancy services page.

Reach is the “skilled volunteering charity”.

Misc Services

Building Works

CRASH can help if you are running a project involving single homeless people and require help with building work or professional expertise. They can provide, amongst other things, surveys, project management advice, architects, building materials and equipment. 10 Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4PH, phone 020 8742 0717, email:


Key Travel provides travel services for charities, academic and similar bodies. Offices in Manchester and London: 2nd Floor, Lowry House, 17 Mable Street, Manchester, M2 3AW, phone 0161 819 8900; 28-32 Britannia Street, London, WC1X 9JF, phone 020 7843 9600.

Registered charities that are 10% or more voluntarily funded can receive a 20% discount on all Virgin Trains Advance tickets bought via If income is over £500,000 in the last accounting year, a link to your Charity Commission entry will be needed as part of confirming this.

Admin outsourcing, shared services

Sector Matters, a spin-off of Northern Ireland’s umbrella body NICVA, provides a range of support – HR, Finance, Management, Research, Admin etc.

Charity Management Services based in Hampshire.

Lewis Clare Partnership provides outsourcing of grants administration, leaving grant-makers free to focus on their organisation’s core activities.

Not for Proft Business Services An outsourcing company with a charity focus which operates from Ware, Hertfordshire.

Consortium purchasing – see Suppliers page.

Also see Consultancy Services page for e.g. personnel/HR advisers.