Your contributions welcome

The quickest way to add your ideas, provide updates, and so on is via the comments system. There’s (at least) one on this.


To make a more substantial addition to VolResource material, in the Updates section, there is also a pretty straightforward content form on the How to contribute page.


Anyone can also ask to be added as an author to an existing page – this requires signing up a site user and letting us know which page(s) interest you. Of course we’ll have to check that potential authors aren’t likely to be spammers in disguise.

Editorial discretion is retained by VolResource, but with a (hopefully) light touch on both comments and Updates.


3 thoughts on “Your contributions welcome”

  1. What a fantastic resource! I have been looking at papers and contributions and there is a wealth of information here! Thank you to all contributors. A suggestion – please identify the site as being for the UK on the home page. It was such a pleasure finding that it was, and it’s so important for us in the UK to know it’s for us. So many resources are prepared by keen and enthusiastic volunteers in America who also often forget to say where they are from – so it would be useful to flag this up front.

    1. Many thanks for those comments. Good point about flagging up being a resource for UK groups – I’m sure this used to be in the blurb but must have got edited out at some point! Duly amended.

  2. Example of a comment. There’s a highlighting feature, which we aim to use to mark out the most useful contributions. Hope the background colour is OK!

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