Explaining the why, what and how of charity

A new website ‘How Charities Work‘ is in beta, set up by NCVO to provide a general background to what charities are all about, the way they operate and the ways people can be involved.

This is aimed at the general public, so no mention of trustees and their usual volunteer status in the intro but they do appear under Accountability, and also getting involved. The Charity Commission gets numerous mentions, but I’ve only spotted one mention of this site being aimed at charities in England and Wales (under ‘what is a charity‘) – the UK gets frequent mentions which could confuse. Some mention of Scottish and Northern Ireland regulators, for instance, wouldn’t go amiss.

It would be nice for the site to have an even simpler structure with less pages coming off the main headings:

  • About Charities
  • Raising and spending money
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Get involved
  • Briefings

But then the charity world isn’t simple. I’m not sure about having Briefings up at that level – “Find out more” perhaps, with a Site Map available too?

So, maybe one or two minor tweaks to go, but not bad. That’s high(ish) praise from an NCVO sceptic!

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